Arkady Blyakher

MS at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Computer Science, 2013

Work History

Jan 2012 present
MIT Graduate Researcher

Worked in the Spoken Language Systems group at CSAIL, building and designing systems to interconnect Android devices with automobiles via the OpenXC framework.

Jan 2012 Aug 2012
Mozilla Corporation Firefox Mobile Engineer
Jun 2011 Aug 2011
BARCLAYS CAPITAL Technology Analyst

Created a multi-threaded Java parser to rapidly process clients' files into valid Allocations and Futures messages.

Allowed the parser to be dynamically configurable with XML files at runtime, as well as to accept Groovy and Javascript scripts to assist with processing.

Jan 2011 Feb 2011
BeyondCore Algorithms Designer and Application Developer

Developed and optimized algorithms for detecting and classifying errors in data entered by human operators.

Created an application that, given a data file, can determine the types of errors made by an operator.

May 2010 Aug 2010
The Cocktail Web Development Intern

Developed a Ruby On Rails application to distribute and present company products to clients.

Worked on an application that serves as a template for building customized websites and prepared it for open source distribution.

Jan 2010 May 2011
Sayagle, Inc. Systems Administrator and Web Developer

Set up servers for billing systems, configured server environments for web applications.

Developed applications in Java and Ruby on Rails.

Dec 2009 May 2010
NASA Participant in SEED Reduced Gravity Flight Program

Helped to design and implement a procedure to test the compaction of lunar regolith for dust mitigation.

Was responsible for CAD designs and stress/strain analysis, as well as physical assembly.

Was a member of the flight crew and flew aboard the zero-gravity plane, performing the experiment under lunar conditions.

Oct 2009 Jan 2010
MIT Media Lab Undergraduate Researcher

Worked on the development of web-based social networking applications.

Designed lightweight programs for expediting the informal work conference using a LAMP framework with jQuery.

Dec 2008 Jan 2009
Rockefeller University, Donald Pfaff Laboratory Numerical Analysis Researcher

Analyzed the chaotic behavior of the logistics equation for use in generating electrical impulse sequences to stimulate the hypothalamic regions of white mice back from a comatose state.


Jan 2011 Jan 2013
Jan 2008 Jan 2012

Fields of Study

  • Computer Science


  • CSS
  • Java