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About Hypothes.is

Here's a short video of us talking about our motivations in creating Hypothes.is:

We want to enable the annotation of all the world's knowledge.

Our goal is to realize the original vision of the web's founding architects, namely it's potential to be a much more interactive and collaborative platform, where each page, each data element is the launch point for discussion, deliberation and community. As a non-profit, our focus is the long term interest of humanity, rather than profit.

We are leveraging and helping to develop an emerging data model for the annotation of digital content currently in development as a W3C Community Group (openannotation.org).

Since last fall, we've been funded via a Kickstarter drive and through grants from the Sloan Foundation, Mellon Foundation and Shuttleworth Foundataion.

We are in development on an early prototype based on open source software and web standards. Our stack is HTML5, CSS, AngularJS, Python and Postgres. We aim provide a high performance, attractive user experience that applies as equally well to personal annotation as it does to collaboration in the peer-reviewed commons.

If you're passionate about open source software and building things that make a powerful impact in the world around you, then we'd like to talk.

Our work is open and ongoing at https://github.com/hypothesis. Interested developers, students, interns are encouraged to find us online and to start learning about our work and contributing right now.

You can find us most days hanging out on IRC (in #hypothes.is on the freenode network) and we have a developer mailing list (to subscribe, send an email to dev+subscribe@list.hypothes.is). Or just send us an email at join@hypothes.is.


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  • Computer Science
Software Developer San Francisco, CA San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA area More info...

We seek a full stack craftsperson with experience in a range of langauges and technologies or mind-bendingly good JavaScript and Python engineers. Anyone with a strong drive to learn and produce and strong fundamental programming knowledge should do well. Additionally, familiarity with Python, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, or the current breed of JavaScript MVC frameworks (AngularJS, Backbone, Knockout) is desirable. Pragmatic dreamers who care about code quality, continuous integration, community development, and testability will be right at home. A little bit of cowboy attitude is okay, but we will never refer to you as a guru or a rockstar ;).

While the location specified is San Francisco and the current team is based there, remote applicants are welcome to apply.

  • Software Development
  • Design
  • San Francisco
  • San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA area
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Database Systems
  • Fall 2012
  • Spring 2013
  • Summer 2013