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About Romotive

We’re Romotive, a team of nerds obsessed with building an affordable, fun personal robot named Romo. By combining smartphones with a mobile base, we create robots that do awesome things (remote telepresence, autonomous navigation, machine vision).

Our first product, Romo, is an iDevice-powered robot that lets you video chat with anyone, anywhere in the world. You can customize Romo’s behavior through a graphical programming interface that’s n00b-friendly. Teaching our bot new behaviors is easy - just update the app.

Our investors believe we’ll change the world by putting a robot in every home in America. We’re well funded by Sequoia, SV Angel/Ron Conway, Mike Arrington, Chris Dixon, Stanford University, Lerer Ventures, Zappos' CEO Tony Hsieh, and other stellar investors.

We’re a tight tribe. We currently design our hardware and software in The Ogden, an apartment building in downtown Las Vegas where most of us live and work. This summer, we are moving the company to San Francisco where we will continue to build our team and product.

Our mission is simple: build awesome robots that make normal peoples’ lives better. We eat, breathe, and sleep robots, and we're aggressively hiring people who feel the same way.


Electrical Engineer San Francisco, CA San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA area More info...

Responsibilities: -You’ll be in charge of full projects from concept to manufacturing. This includes establishing requirements, circuit board design, component sourcing and test design. Interdisciplinary communication is extremely important in managing projects. -You’ll be the one designing prototypes, and then be required to test and debug while you bring that prototype to life. This means you'll be working with test equipment, and cutting, wiring, and soldering your own board mods. -You are also responsible for reviewing electrical engineering designs and interfacing with contract manufacturers.

Qualifications: -You’ve earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in electrical engineering or a related field. -You have experience in circuit board design/PCB layout and circuit design. -You have experience in design for manufacturing, testing and cost. -We’re looking for a self-starter who requires little oversight. We want you to take ownership of projects from start to finish.

-Bonus Points: You have an understanding of embedded programming AND you have experience with inductive charging, bluetooth, battery charging, embedded system design, motor drivers and wifi modules.

  • San Francisco
  • San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA area
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Available Today
Various Jobs More info...
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
Software Engineer San Francisco, CA San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA area More info...

What we’re looking for: You’re versed in many programming languages and are willing to specialize in one of the following: Javascript, Java, Objective C, C, C++, and Python. You write reliable and maintainable code. You’re awesome at collaboration. You have experience in robotics, OpenCV, and/or machine learning.

What you'll be working on: Scaling our backend P2P video conferencing infrastructure. Creating a flexible and powerful visual programming language for networked robots. Shipping mobile apps that enable robots to harness the processing power of the smartphone.

Bonus Points: You’ve worked on audio encoding or mobile apps. You’ve competed in coding competitions or large open-source projects. You love robots. Obv.

  • San Francisco
  • San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA area
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Available Today
iOS Engineer San Francisco, CA More info...

Responsibilities: You'll be helping us develop our iOS apps by writing obscene amounts of code. Helping us create a powerful visual programming language that kids can use to program robots. You'll be shipping mobile apps for robots that put your code in front of thousands of people.

Qualifications: You are a very strong programmer. You know Objective-C and iOS paradigms like the back of your hand. You are a quick learner and a fantastic problem solver. You are hungry to help a team of roboticists bring our vision to mobile apps.

Bonus Points: You've competed in robotics competitions or have built your own robot in your spare time. You have experience in video streaming, audio processing, or something else you think our robot needs.

  • Software Development
  • San Francisco
  • Objective C
  • iOS
  • Fall 2013
  • Full-Time