About Readyforce

Readyforce was founded on the belief that the traditional job search process is broken. This is true for both job seekers and hiring companies. We exist to make the job search process better and easier.

Finding a job is hard, lonely, time-consuming, stressful, painful...it just plain sucks. We believe that Readyforce can dramatically improve the experience by utilizing innovative technologies including social and professional networks, advance matching algorithms and web video. Readyforce will be a launching pad for people to navigate these difficult waters.

We certainly can’t guarantee that everyone will find a job through Readyforce...in fact, only a small percent of people that join will actually find a new job through us, but everyone is treated with the respect and empathy they deserve. You will also leave Readyforce a more knowledgeable and better job seeker. We promise to treat you like a person, not a piece of paper or number. We promise not to waste your time. We promise to tell you what we know as soon as we know it.

The Readyforce team wakes up every morning trying to solve this problem. We have made tremendous progress and get better everyday. Join Readyforce - the life that you change might be your own.

Our Mission

Readyforce will fundamentally transform the way people find jobs and jobs from people.

Today, we are building a career network for college students and recent grads. Our goal is to build the easiest way for students to connect with companies and jobs they will love. All job seekers and companies are welcome on Readyforce, but in the Fall of 2012, we have a special focus on connecting computer science and engineering students to exciting startups and tech companies.

Our Values

Amazing culture means having an amazing team. Hire the best, encourage greatness and celebrate their success. Never settle.

Take smart, courageous and creative risks. Find new opportunities, solve hard problems, use data and fearlessly push the edge. Learn from your decisions.

Be open, honest, direct and curious. Explain your thinking effectively, ask difficult questions. Demand clear answers and direct feedback from your colleagues.

Our users are the foundation of Readyforce. Treat them with respect, fairness and understanding. When in doubt, make a personal connection.

Act with integrity in everything you do and expect the same of everyone - especially your leaders.