About Readyforce

Readyforce is the first professional network designed and built for the specific needs of college students. Currently focusing on engineering and computer students, the Readyforce network bridges the gap between social networks like Facebook and “experienced focused” professional networks like LinkedIn.

On Readyforce, students can:

  • Share professional information with peers (link to /people)
  • Find students from other schools (link to /people)
  • Find events relevant for students (link to /events)
  • Find mentors or alumni (link to /people)
  • Share and comment on articles, stories and career tools (link to /qa)
  • Ask and answer career-oriented questions (link to /qa)
  • Find and be found by jobs and internships (link to /companies)

There are over 50,000 students on Readyforce today...join here - it’s free.

Questions? Email us at support@readyforce.com

Not a current student? Click here to learn how Readyforce can help student leaders and companies.

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