Readyforce & Your Student Event

Readyforce, the career network for college engineering students, loves to work with student run events. Hackathons, career fairs, networking name it! Our goal is make your life easier so you have more time to organize a great event.

Readyforce can

Advertise your event to our student members to drive event attendance

  • Readyforce has 50k+ engineering students
  • You pick your target schools

Market your sponsorship packages to our contacts at 1,000+ member companies

  • Spend less time finding contacts
  • More exposure to companies who either want to recruit or market to your attendees

Provide a platform to manage your online event resume book

  • No more resume version control headaches
  • Easy sharing with company sponsors

Market and sell a new sponsorship package for companies that miss the event

  • Generate revenue throughout the year
  • Discover new leads for sponsors for the next event
  • Readyforce handles payments and delivery

Here is what they have to say about us

"When I founded LA Hacks last year, Readyforce was one of my biggest advocates and the intros and support they gave me largely contributed to making it the biggest hackathon to ever happen in Los Angeles."
Hadar Dor,
LA Hacks
"It looks like we've gotten over 50 signups as a result of Readyforce advertising, and they're still coming in. We've also gotten many signups that we have to turn down! It's been a great help, we'll definitely be using ReadyForce next year as well. We'll try to make HackRice bigger next year so we can accept more people!"
Peter Washington,
"Thanks so much for your help and for making everything so easy! It was a pleasure working with Readyforce."
Craig McKennon,
UCLA Startup Fair

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